SwitzerLAN Tournament

We worked together with the awesome people of SWITZERLAN to make the first Tower Offense E-Sports event happen, and it was really great.

Congratulations to our winners:

  1. Spodermen
  2. Ernesti
  3. BreakYa
  4. winter

I was deeply impressed with how quickly some of you picked up the game, really awesome and also a little scary. I suppose I will be pushed out of the TO pro league soon 😉

Sass is a good thing

So I just made us a custom CSS because it seemed easier. I had messed around with some huge, clunky WordPress theme that included Visual Composer but it was pretty much horrible to use and didn’t work out at all. So I decided to install the blankslate wordpress theme which was a really nice start for creating a custom css and learning how to customize.

If by chance you are interested in learning how to create website front-ends without pain, this video is really helpful to get some ideas what you could try:

I, for example, installed the compass gem on Windows Git Bash and used it to write some SASS for the first time and it was really fun.

Happy hacking to the nerds out there! 😀

We’re live!

capsule games

Shiny new logo by Andreas, shiny new WordPress theme, HTTPS up and running.
Can you spot the link to the facebook fan page? No? Thought so, I’m on it :-)

What is Tower Offense?


Tower Offense is a game about creativity, sharp wit and fast decision-making. The game is divided into short, intense matches in which two players try to destroy the opposing idol while protecting their own. The idols are located behind a confined building area in which players can construct towers out of single blocks. This structure serves to attack the enemy tower and idol as well as to defend against incoming projectiles. The first player to score three hits on the enemy idol wins the match. Players are given the choice between 8 different block types, each with unique properties. Some fire missiles, others spawn armoured airships, stun enemy blocks or reflect incoming projectiles. The simple interactions between these blocks and projectiles lead to a near infinite amount of emergent, interesting strategies.

Welcome to Capsule Games!


This site is still under construction. Don’t worry though, we’ll be online soon!

If you want to check out our game Tower Offense, you can always take a look at it over at www.noshire.com for now. Thanks!